2016 Austin Empowerment Symposium: Ways To Build Your Child’s Confidence

The 2016 Austin Empowerment Symposium was the first conference I attended in which it was not solely men or women who were present. They brought their spouses and children too even during the period when the speakers delivered their speech. Hence, the chatters you would hear in the events place did not only come from adults but also the little ones in the crowd.

Instead of getting annoyed by that, though, it pleased me to know that there were parents who wanted to expose their kids to self-empowerment talks early. That would give them better traction in life later and allow them never to get bullied by others.

Nevertheless, even if you didn’t get to attend a similar symposium with the family, let us share some ways to build your child’s confidence.

Source: unsplash.com

1. Allow The Kid To Choose

Giving your little one the chance to make decisions is essential, whether it entails having to pick the outfit for the day or what to eat for lunch. Kids who always have their mom and dad deciding for them tend to grow up without any idea of how to survive in the real world, you see. However, once you offer choices to your child as soon as he or she can speak, it will allow him or her to realize the difference between right and wrong while still young.

2. Encourage The Little One To Explore New Activities

No matter how much you want to protect your kid from harm, that should not make you think that they are better off at home all the time than outdoors. This thought prevents a child from discovering or acquiring new skills that may be useful in the future. If you wish to build their confidence, therefore, you should be open to enrolling them to extra-curricular activities that they want to try.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Think Before You Speak

Last but not least, parents should stop thinking that kids will forget whatever they say because they have a short attention span. Some may indeed fail to recall what they did yesterday, but it is common for them to remember the hurtful things they hear. That may enable resentment to sit deeply in the children’s hearts and minds eventually; that’s why you need to choose your words whenever speaking to them.


Watch your child grow into a confident human being as you follow the tips above. Happy parenting!