Making The Right Choices

According to the most “reliable” sources in the internet sphere, a person makes at least 35,000 decisions in 24 hours. As for children, they make 3,000 choices every single day. This number was reported in Quora, LinkedIn, and Thinking Business Blog, among others.

Your present reality is all you have, and all you need. Do your best to get in tune with what you are feeling and make the best choice you know how to make in the now considering what feels right. — Kim Egel, MFT, MA

We make quite many decisions on a daily basis. While some are small and pose little concerns, other choices that we make can be significant and life-altering. Some of the options will have a tremendous effect on our future, and this is why we need to think about our decisions well. Can you say to yourself that you have been making the better choices in life?



How to make the right choices.


You have to tackle significant things head on.


Every day, we make big decisions, and yet we act as if it’s ordinary and regular. We decide on critical matters in a flash which has a vital future after-effect like how to discipline your misbehaving child, turning left on a “no left turn” sign, eating seafood even if you’re allergic and more. These are vital matters to consider before deciding because if you were wrong, then, it can have an adverse consequence afterward.


Separate big things from little things. Don’t get distracted by irrelevant issues. If you focus on nonsense things, you won’t have the luxury to envision on what matters in your life.

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