Bipolar Disorder – Don’t Allow It To Ruin You


The body is going through biological changes due to hormones, and moods can vacillate from irritability to sadness to excitability, even in the same day. But when radical mood fluctuations cause social or academic issues, there may be something else going on. — Andrea M. Risi, LPC

When you live with bipolar disorder, everything is not easy because it feels like that life runs into two different realities. There is the unmanageable presence of elation and depression. The different variations of high and low emotional and psychological turmoil can lead to unnecessary life imbalance. Sometimes, though the symptoms seem quite the same with other mental illnesses, it still differs in some aspects. It changes everything from your belief, perception, and behavior. Sometimes, even your relationship and social interaction with others get jeopardized.

The Hard Truths

  • Bipolar disorder is not going anywhere. Once you get it, it becomes your life. Therefore, you need to deal with it and embrace it. There’s no certainty as to where it may lead you. It makes you go through life differently and lets you feel the bitter sweetness of its signs and symptoms. You can expect people to misunderstand, judge, insult, and talk about you behind your back. That’s the way how it goes. However, it shouldn’t have to be a reason for you to stop fighting and dealing with it. Don’t be ashamed of your situation. Instead, encourage yourself that you’ll make it one way or another.

Remembering that the past does not cause your problems in the present; it’s the recreation of the problem in the present—which might have been shaped by the past—that’s creating problems now. — Ilene Strauss Cohen Ph.D.

  • Not everyone is going to understand and accept what you are going through, and in some unfortunate scenarios, the diagnosis of your mental condition can make people move away from you. Yes, sometimes those people are actually the ones you consider close to you. It’s the reality of life. It strikingly hurts to think that the persons you want to be there for you don’t seem to care. It can make you feel hopeless and lonely at the same time. However, the least you can do is to stay focused on your current situation, make better decisions in life, and always consider choosing happiness no matter what. Don’t allow those people to take you away from your peace of mind. Accept yourself and love it even more.
  • Every bipolar disorder is unstable. It’s not entirely the same as today or yesterday. It continuously creates changes in a person every hour and every minute. It is essential to get real about your situation and understand the instability that the mental condition is causing you. Work on the possible helpful routines that can keep you preoccupied. There’s writing, singing, walking, exercising, and a lot more. Undergo medications and therapy to address your mental health needs better. Find the right professional help that supports enlightenment on your situation. Don’t be afraid to take a step back if it’s needed. Always face the severe episodes of your psychological condition.

 Setting the same wake and sleep schedule can dramatically improve your mood. Try to go to bed around the same time each night (even weekends) and get up around the same time in the morning. — Andrew Archer, LCSW


Bipolar disorder makes you experience different manic episodes which can affect your way of living. These episodes may exceed normal feelings of joy, or can also become beyond emotional stress. It can cause troubling symptoms such as sleeplessness, rapid speech, racing thoughts, impulsive actions, and risky behaviors. With these adverse outcomes, treatments and medications are the only way that can help in addressing it. But of course, the idea of wanting to get better is always the start of the recovery.