The Empowering Feeling Of Being Happy For Others



Hating is such a heavy word to describe someone you don’t quite like. It is also what you sometimes feel when you are bitter and inferior of someone who just achieved success. Most often, haters speak badly about a person in attempts to destroy the reputation of that person. It doesn’t need a therapist or a psychiatrist to tell us that hating somebody is not a good thing. And in the long run, how we deal with other people’s achievements, especially when we are struggling, will measure our character, maturity, and faith in ourselves.

Intentionally attending to what is arising for others breeds empathy and compassion within relationships. There is no object of focus or thing to do that inherently creates happiness, but rather a delicate letting go of self-constructed thoughts, beliefs, or fantasies in order to tap into the richness of the here and now.  — Andrew Archer, LCSW

If I were to ask you, what would you do if you someone – friend or foe – surviving and living well and savoring the opportunities, praises, and victories that you have been yearning? The right answer would be that you must learn to be happy with their success. If and when you master the art of genuine joy and happiness for others, you will be empowered when envy and bitterness have no place in your heart. You will be welcoming your future wins. Finally, your doors will be open to more positivity in your life as you express appreciation and joy for others.

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