Help And Support For Single Parents: Parent Counseling And More




Single parenthood has its challenges, but this task can be made more accessible by getting the right support and assistance. Support can come in three main ways: practical help (concerning finances and other resources), emotional support (to help deal with grief, loss, and the challenges of raising a child alone), and social assistance (to be able to find time for yourself). All parents could use these kinds of help, but for single parents, it is especially important.

Part of the parental commitment to their children and adolescents is to be a source of support to depend upon, at least until young people have the age and experience and determination to fully depend upon them selves. — Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D.

People Who Can Help Single Parents



Looking for help can make one feel embarrassed, but the truth is, there is no shame in looking for assistance. Single parenting can be quite overwhelming, so accepting an extra hand is normal. Likewise, you can pay it forward to other single parents in need.


That being said, help can be found everywhere and in different forms:


Friends: If you have a handful of friends that you can trust, then seek for their counsel. They can also offer you sound advice and can be parental figures for your child.


Local community: Having a local child care center and a support group can give you time to go to work without worrying about your child. You can also check with your child’s school for any programs they have to offer.


Colleagues: It is essential for everyone, including single parents, to find space to be themselves and pursue their passions. Having supportive colleagues can make multitasking a little bit easier.

Good support is less about saying the exact right thing and more about putting in the effort to try to understand what another person is going through, and then helping, when appropriate, in ways that don’t minimize or magnify a difficult situation. — Juliana Breines Ph.D.

Counselors: They can help you and the children deal with the challenges of daily life and can make your emotional issues more manageable to handle. (You can attend parent counseling sessions. This article has more information on this type of program.)


Telephone hotlines: For busy parents, sometimes all they need is someone to talk to for a few minutes. Online counseling is on the rise and is also a great option.


Ideas For Finding Support As A Single Parent


To find support and resources, you can look in the local papers or your community center for information on playgroups, child day care, or counseling. If you know other single parents, you can also ask them if they can refer any helpful contacts or support groups.


You can also look for a book club or similar organizations which can help you pursue your hobbies while expanding your social circle. Similarly, social media can help you connect with people from all over the world to share parenting strategies and other tips.

Attending support groups for parents of children who are experiencing the same or similar problems can be very helpful. — Eric R. Maisel Ph.D.

Make A Plan



When deciding where to get the right support, you have to make a plan for yourself. It requires a lot of self-awareness and knowing what areas you will need the most assistance. If you need extra hands, call a family member or a friend you can entrust with your child.


Should you need a break from the stress, find an enjoyable hobby or club. Another important thing to remember is to surround yourself with positive, goal-oriented people to inspire you. It really doesn’t matter where and how you get the support you need, as long as it works for you and your situation.