Building Your Self-Confidence


Mastering your self-confidence.




People who are self-confident exude an aura of inspiration and others admire their cheerfulness. These type of people are not afraid to take risks, and when they want something, they go and get it. They don’t care about hurdles and challenges along the way because they have their eyes on the prize.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that psychology is responsible for 80 per cent of the success. — Aldo Civico Ph.D.

Self-confident people don’t settle for mediocre. They always want to achieve their goals, and they positively look at things. At times, when a situation goes south, they are not discouraged by it. Instead, they move forward with self-respect and courage in their hearts.


How fulfilling it is to become a self-confident person because they always get what they want and feel the contentment after every accomplishment! But not everyone in this world is self-confident. In fact, others find it difficult to be assertive or buoyant. Well, you don’t have to be. You can be self-confident if you want to, but you have to practice the ways.


How to acquire, exercise and master your self-confidence.


Self-confidence is not an inborn talent. Barrie Davenport, an inspirational book author, said that it could be learned and when you learn the ways, you have practiced it persistently. As you consciously and intentionally practice being self-confident, there will come a time when you will master this characteristic and confidence will just come out of you.

Another way that people keep themselves feeling unloved or inadequate is that they fail to remember evidence of them being worthwhile or successful people. — Leslie Becker-Phelps Ph.D.

Think: People will believe in me only if I believe in myself.


Below are five known ways on how to become self-confident. If you are willing to learn, then, don’t just read these tips. You have to breathe it in and let it envelop your system. In everything that you do, exercise confidence, and you have to start today. Remember, practice makes it perfect. Go and get your confidence on!

Always be a positive thinker and doer.




There is no space for negative thoughts and actions. Be a positive thinker and doer all the time, and you can do that by evaluating yourself, your family and your friends. In short, you have to distance yourself from toxic people or those you want to bring you down and trample on your newfound confidence. It will not be easy, but you have to make that choice since “downers” are negative individuals.


There will be times wherein you’re not that “positive.” It’s ok, just go on and deal with others enthusiastically. Feed your being with excitement and focus on finding solutions rather than concentrating on the wrong things.

Excessive rumination is linked to both anxiety and depression, and it can make us withdraw from the world. But by filling up your tank with confidence,  you’ll be able to break the cycle of over-thinking and quiet your inner critic. — Barbara Markway Ph.D.

Body language and self-image says it all.


If you often smile as you pull your shoulders back and maintain eye contact, the person you are conversing with will feel your warmth and confidence. That’s the impression you are radiating – you’re a nice person to be with, and everyone around is comfortable with your self-confident nature.


Again, you have to smile. Stand up straight and look at the person you are talking to and listen to him. Speak slowly so that the person will understand you. Also, make an effort to dress neatly and groom yourself. If you feel better after that, you will emanate from within a sense of wellness.


The word failure must not be in your vocabulary.


A self-confident person will never entertain thoughts about failure and give up. You will never accept defeat, and you will never give up no matter how hard life is for you. Always find a solution if there is a problem. There will always be an answer – this must be your mantra every single day.


Self-pitying, negative thoughts and giving up are all signs of a person with low self-confidence. Don’t ever put yourself down and think that you’re not good enough.


Always think about your positive attributes and good points – I am beautiful. I am strong. I am smart. I am intelligent. I am ______ (fill in the blanks with something positive!).


Don’t feed your mind with I CANNOT or I AM NOT. Nourish it with I CAN, or I AM. This will boost your self-confidence.


Prepare yourself and be ready always.




Now that you are an “I AM” and “I CAN” person, you have to prepare and get ready. With your self-confident character, you can conquer anything that comes your way.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going – make a list of what you want to do, to change and to improve.


Life is a constant struggle, and it will pose many challenges daily. At times it will be tough, and a situation may fail, but you have to pick your chin up and stand. When this happens, make a list of positive things like your blessings, what you’re thankful for, and your accomplishments.


Post this list on your bedside table, bathroom mirror, study space, refrigerator door, or anywhere that will remind you of your achievements and how amazing you are. When your self-confidence is on the rocks, pick up that list, and you will be inspired and motivated again.