How Busy Moms Can Balance Family And Work




Busy moms are tough. Being responsible for taking care of the family while committed to working full time are two difficult tasks that these moms must take on. It can be daunting and thankless, plus the fact that they are often perceived as not completely present as a mother and as an employee as well. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Fortunately, many moms who juggle with their career and family have successfully found the balance that works for everyone. These are the empowered moms that have found a place in the successful world of business and family life. And these tips below are a collection of what they have been doing to help you make work and family life easier and happier for you too.


Communicate Openly With Your Boss

If you want to make sure that you remain a productive worker while being a great mom, there should be open communication between you and your boss. Moms are usually the chief parent, particularly when the kids don’t feel well, or they have a checkup with their doctor. She is typically responsible for picking them up from school just right after they are done with work. This is why busy moms require more space and flexibility in their schedules. The essential thing to do is to communicate your family needs to your boss and suggest ways in which you can continue doing your job as best you can.

Empowered moms have never used their kids to slack off from work, and you won’t too. Let’s hope your boss will be considerate and admire your transparency and commitment to your job and your family.


Minimize Distractions

For the working mom, time is gold. When you are at work, be aware of the time that you spend talking with your co-employees and ask yourself if it’s contributing positively to your productivity. Don’t take long lunch breaks and don’t take too much time surfing online. When you’re at home, on the other hand, commit to spending quality time with your spouse and children instead of talking on the phone or watching television on your own. Make sure your counted hours at home are meaningful.

Rekindle Your Bond With Your Spouse

The secret to living happily at home begins with a harmonious marriage. Prioritize your relationship with your partner because it does have a tremendous impact on the rest of the aspects of your life. If it is possible, hire a nanny or once a week so that you can have a date with your partner, doing the things that you haven’t been able to do since you got married or you had a family. Plan new activities together, like hiking, joining a painting class, or other exciting or unique things to do. Always make it a point to have a quiet and honest conversation with your spouse, especially talking about your relationship and what you can do to make it stronger.

Organize Your Schedule By Utilizing Calendars And Lists

The mental stress that busy moms take on is an obligation that no other person can understand. If you are one of them, then you know that you are in charge of monitoring doctor’s appointments, attending parent-teacher meetings, listing birthdays, keeping track of what clothes and things the kids need, knowing what you lack pantry and fridge, and making sure the toilets never lack toilet paper, among other things.

To organize your home and work responsibilities, use your phone calendar or a notebook to list your schedule on. This will take away much of the mental stress that you are going through every single day. Google Keep and the notepad on your phones are among the most commonly used apps by busy moms.


Share The Chores With Family

The problems related to housework must not fall exclusively on the mother’s shoulders. This is an aspect that is not difficult for your spouse to help you with, particularly if you have certain tasks that only you know how to do (e.g., letting the baby sleep, breastfeeding).

If you have older kids, assign simple chores to them to learn to practice good habits at an early age and contribute something good to the family. Another great idea is to spend money on cleaning services. It may be difficult to justify spending cash on something that perhaps you can do better yourself, but if it means fulfilling your wife’s obligations, then so be it.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Because empowered busy moms want only the best, they tend to expect too much from themselves, but this only causes them more stress and anxiety. They worry if they are not able to cook homemade food every day or keep the house spic and span while keeping up with being the top employee of the month. But you don’t have to have high expectations for yourself all the time.

If you don’t expect too much, you will realize that there are many things that you can get rid of that have only been causing you unnecessary stress. You don’t need to keep your house spotless every time, especially if your guests have kids themselves. For your daily meals, you can steam or put your chicken or pork in the deep fryer instead of baking them. Do the special recipes during the weekends when you have more time to relax and no deadlines to meet. When you’re super busy, it’s totally fine to heat the leftovers once in a while.


The Best At Work And At Home

So can a busy mom be the mom and employee at the same time? Absolutely. It may not be exactly what you planned it to be, but don’t fret. Acknowledge and appreciate all the beautiful things that you do and have, and take family life and work life a day at a time.