Empower Yourself And Begin To Achieve Something

We all know that wanting something in life requires change. Whether it’s for the benefit of our family, friends, or special someone, there’s a need to comply on what life demands from us. No matter how small or big our move is, as long as it creates a difference, it will eventually matter in a lot of ways. The goals that we want to reach is pretty much not that easy. However, perseverance, determination, courage, and motivation always make a struggle seems simple.

The process of empowerment includes cultivation of self-worth; the right to have access to choices, opportunities and resources; the right to have power to control our own lives; and the ability to influence the direction of social change. — Genevieve Gellert, LSW

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Why We Always Fail

We Expect Too Much

Our capability to engage in an ongoing process of developing ourselves may not end up on the way we want it. Sometimes, it makes us waste a lot of time because we focus on things we are not supposed to give attention. The reason we fail is due to a lack of concentration on what we want to attain in life. We assume that because we exerted an effort, we will be able to get what we desire. However, we forget to understand that in life, nothing is constant.

A possible way to get rid of the negative attitude is to know where and when to put effort. If something seems unattainable, we should use all our energy in that particular goal. We need to lower down our expectations and become more open about possibilities. Since there’s no way we can determine how things will work out, we can only rely on what’s in front of us. We should never expect anything. Because if we do, it becomes impossible to hold onto something worth our effort.

We Immediately Lose Control

We immediately lose control and let go of our goals because we somehow believe that we’re not worth it. There are times that even if we’re one inch away from success, we become overwhelmed with the situation. From there, we stop working on our progress and eventually, we stop caring at all.

Staying on track of what we want in life is always the key to success. We only need to learn how to say “yes” when the opportunity comes knocking. We also need to practice saying “no” when negativity pushes us away from our objectives. That’s the only two things that will matter when it comes to staying focus. Because if we let ourselves alter these responses, we will end up achieving nothing. We will waste more time and effort finding the right balance and control of our lives.

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Admittedly, airing of grievances has a downside because it can aggravate conflicts. Yet, extroverts have better social networks and enjoy better social support from local communities, electronic networks, religious communities, and other organizations that are widely believed to protect health against the ravages of psychological stress. — Nigel Barber Ph.D.

We Find Reasons To Quit

On a broader view, most of us fail because we love the habit of making excuses. That instead of doing things right away, we find time to look for reasons not to start doing something. We use excuses to validate the unwanted habits we have. We depend on it and include it in our daily lives. Though we can never entirely get rid of it because it’s part of how we handle things. We always keep some of it for future purposes. Its instant elimination is way too impossible, so we embrace it and feed on it.

Some say that working things out needs to be accurate. There must be a reason for all the struggle, hardships, and determination we have. That before we give up, we should at least determine why we start aiming for success in the first place. We need to know why we motivate ourselves, why we endure pain and sorrows, and why we want these things present in our lives. The moment we realize the reason for working hard on our goal is the time we can allow ourselves to grow.

 We Don’t Start Acting

We believe that empowering ourselves is something we imagine and automatically feel whenever we like it. But, it’s not. The problem with us is we waste time thinking of achieving something but don’t try stepping forward. Many of us don’t realize our capabilities, strength, and greatness. That’s because we don’t spend time knowing ourselves. There’s always a secondary perception that things will not work out because we feel like we can’t do it.

Instead of collecting complains about things around us, we need to start acting. We need to do little changes at least. It might not create an immediate impact today, but it will surely make a difference tomorrow. Every step of change becomes challenging as we continue to act on it. But it’s not something to be cautious about. And as long as we place our heart and soul into our objectives, how we see our lives become our reality.

So, it’s not that the world changes and suddenly becomes a wonderful place—it’s that we become aware of when we’re reacting to what’s happening in the world around us and help ourselves shift to a healthy response. — Cindy Ricardo, LMHC, CIRT

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Every goal that we want to obtain requires sacrifices. Sometimes changing the behavior towards things and overcoming negative habits are challenging. But as long as we picture ourselves engaging in the right mindset that everything is achievable, that’s the time that we create something out of the ordinary.

Knowledge Is A Curse: Ignorance Is Bliss

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I thought that having much knowledge makes us happy, that it somehow makes us satisfied, but I feel otherwise. It got me to thinking that ignorance is bliss. The less we know, the less we want more, and I think that is one of the main problems of the humanity nowadays. Science has opened our eyes to many things that make us believe that we have answers to all questions. We feel powerful and superior to those who know less. For us, they are insignificant and inferior.

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Bipolar Disorder – Don’t Allow It To Ruin You

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The body is going through biological changes due to hormones, and moods can vacillate from irritability to sadness to excitability, even in the same day. But when radical mood fluctuations cause social or academic issues, there may be something else going on. — Andrea M. Risi, LPC

When you live with bipolar disorder, everything is not easy because it feels like that life runs into two different realities. There is the unmanageable presence of elation and depression. The different variations of high and low emotional and psychological turmoil can lead to unnecessary life imbalance. Sometimes, though the symptoms seem quite the same with other mental illnesses, it still differs in some aspects. It changes everything from your belief, perception, and behavior. Sometimes, even your relationship and social interaction with others get jeopardized.

The Hard Truths

  • Bipolar disorder is not going anywhere. Once you get it, it becomes your life. Therefore, you need to deal with it and embrace it. There’s no certainty as to where it may lead you. It makes you go through life differently and lets you feel the bitter sweetness of its signs and symptoms. You can expect people to misunderstand, judge, insult, and talk about you behind your back. That’s the way how it goes. However, it shouldn’t have to be a reason for you to stop fighting and dealing with it. Don’t be ashamed of your situation. Instead, encourage yourself that you’ll make it one way or another.
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Remembering that the past does not cause your problems in the present; it’s the recreation of the problem in the present—which might have been shaped by the past—that’s creating problems now. — Ilene Strauss Cohen Ph.D.

  • Not everyone is going to understand and accept what you are going through, and in some unfortunate scenarios, the diagnosis of your mental condition can make people move away from you. Yes, sometimes those people are actually the ones you consider close to you. It’s the reality of life. It strikingly hurts to think that the persons you want to be there for you don’t seem to care. It can make you feel hopeless and lonely at the same time. However, the least you can do is to stay focused on your current situation, make better decisions in life, and always consider choosing happiness no matter what. Don’t allow those people to take you away from your peace of mind. Accept yourself and love it even more.
  • Every bipolar disorder is unstable. It’s not entirely the same as today or yesterday. It continuously creates changes in a person every hour and every minute. It is essential to get real about your situation and understand the instability that the mental condition is causing you. Work on the possible helpful routines that can keep you preoccupied. There’s writing, singing, walking, exercising, and a lot more. Undergo medications and therapy to address your mental health needs better. Find the right professional help that supports enlightenment on your situation. Don’t be afraid to take a step back if it’s needed. Always face the severe episodes of your psychological condition.

 Setting the same wake and sleep schedule can dramatically improve your mood. Try to go to bed around the same time each night (even weekends) and get up around the same time in the morning. — Andrew Archer, LCSW

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Bipolar disorder makes you experience different manic episodes which can affect your way of living. These episodes may exceed normal feelings of joy, or can also become beyond emotional stress. It can cause troubling symptoms such as sleeplessness, rapid speech, racing thoughts, impulsive actions, and risky behaviors. With these adverse outcomes, treatments and medications are the only way that can help in addressing it. But of course, the idea of wanting to get better is always the start of the recovery.



The Work-Life Balance: How to Get Started

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Everyone is trying to achieve the elusive work-life balance in order to live a fulfilled life. Work-life balance is a concept that encourages efforts of the workforce to find an equilibrium of the expenditure of time and energy between career and other pursuits in their lives such as family, love, personal development, etc.

For work-life balance to be effective, it requires daily consciousness and effort to allow time for family, friends, community participation, personal growth, self-care and other personal activities over and above the demands of the workplace.

Work-life balance can be attained with the assistance of a supportive employer who institutes policies, procedures, action, and expectation that provides an opportunity for employees to pursue a more balanced life.

When they experience negative emotions, they don’t dwell in them, but instead give them an empowering meaning. Because of this habit, they are able to live in a resourceful and beautiful state of mind. — Aldo Civico Ph.D.

The quest for work-life balance results to a reduction of stress experienced by employees. Spending majority of their time on work-related tasks and feeling of neglect in other important areas of their lives lead to stress and unhappiness. Work-life balance allows the employees to feel that they are not neglecting important aspects of their lives. Since many individuals desire to excel in numerous part of their lives with time as a finite commodity and your body which can’t function 24/7, finding the balance is difficult.

Employers can support the pursuits of their employees for a balanced life by offering opportunities through flexible work schedules, paid time off policies, responsible time and communication expectations and company-sponsored family activities and events. Managers also play a crucial role. If the manager is also pursuing balance in his own life, he will model appropriate behavior and support employees’ pursuits. It also creates a working environment where work-life balance is expected, enabled and supported.

Choose to consciously listen for positive feedback. You will be inclined to minimize the importance of it. — Leslie Becker-Phelps Ph.D.

Know Your Way

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Work-life balance is described as an unattainable goal for working parents or single parents. Yes, it will involve hard work and a lot of sacrifices but finding that balance is not impossible. Work-life balance starts with planning. Before accepting your next job, take time to identify your true needs from the broadest perspective. You might come to realize that a lesser paying position closer to the daycare is favorable than other options. Parents often consider job location. The commute and the proximity to the school or daycare may mean more or less timespent bonding with your child and family. For many parents, the satisfaction and fulfillment in seeing their child and family more often will translate to a productive and more relaxed time at work. During job interviews, ask and keep your ears open about the company’s policy on telecommuting, work culture, and time flexibility. The benefits are usually disclosed at the time of the job offer. Some have their policies on the company’s website. If you have the chance to chat with other employees, ask about their corporate culture, daycare benefits, personal time off, etc.

Make Mealtimes A Family Time

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Here is a common encounter for families during a work or school day – everybody is very busy in getting ready to go to work and school. Chaos on weekday mornings is a normal scene in a typical household with working parents and kids. Press the reset button and start the day in a positive mood with a sit-down and healthy breakfast. Research shows that a brief morning family meal for as short as 15 minutes provides some form of keeping touch and minimizes the stress for everyone. It also comforts your children that they are your priority. In case, you can’t meet them for lunch and dinner at least you have that one meal with them. Also, an after-dinner activity with the family is also a great routine to foster bonding.

 Very often when you are unsure of what move to make, allowing yourself to step away from the decision-making process can help you see things with more clarity. — Kim Egel, MFT, MA

“I Would Never Have Thought . . . !”

The 8 Surprising Reasons That Might Be Causing Your Depression

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You may know how common depression is—6.7% of all Americans age 18 or older experience at least one major depressive episode each year, according to statistics compiled by the National Institute of Mental Health. —  Lindsey Antin, MA, MFT

Feeling bluesy lately? While mental health experts agree that some depressions come without any apparent reason whatsoever, the world is rife with things that could trigger melancholic feelings and dejection in just a snap. Below are 8 of these “I would never have thought!” things. Read on and find out if one [or two!] of them is causing yours without you knowing it.

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Making The Right Choices

According to the most “reliable” sources in the internet sphere, a person makes at least 35,000 decisions in 24 hours. As for children, they make 3,000 choices every single day. This number was reported in Quora, LinkedIn, and Thinking Business Blog, among others.

Your present reality is all you have, and all you need. Do your best to get in tune with what you are feeling and make the best choice you know how to make in the now considering what feels right. — Kim Egel, MFT, MA

We make quite many decisions on a daily basis. While some are small and pose little concerns, other choices that we make can be significant and life-altering. Some of the options will have a tremendous effect on our future, and this is why we need to think about our decisions well. Can you say to yourself that you have been making the better choices in life?

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How to make the right choices.


You have to tackle significant things head on.


Every day, we make big decisions, and yet we act as if it’s ordinary and regular. We decide on critical matters in a flash which has a vital future after-effect like how to discipline your misbehaving child, turning left on a “no left turn” sign, eating seafood even if you’re allergic and more. These are vital matters to consider before deciding because if you were wrong, then, it can have an adverse consequence afterward.


Separate big things from little things. Don’t get distracted by irrelevant issues. If you focus on nonsense things, you won’t have the luxury to envision on what matters in your life.

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Building Your Self-Confidence


Mastering your self-confidence.


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People who are self-confident exude an aura of inspiration and others admire their cheerfulness. These type of people are not afraid to take risks, and when they want something, they go and get it. They don’t care about hurdles and challenges along the way because they have their eyes on the prize.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that psychology is responsible for 80 per cent of the success. — Aldo Civico Ph.D.

Self-confident people don’t settle for mediocre. They always want to achieve their goals, and they positively look at things. At times, when a situation goes south, they are not discouraged by it. Instead, they move forward with self-respect and courage in their hearts.


How fulfilling it is to become a self-confident person because they always get what they want and feel the contentment after every accomplishment! But not everyone in this world is self-confident. In fact, others find it difficult to be assertive or buoyant. Well, you don’t have to be. You can be self-confident if you want to, but you have to practice the ways.


How to acquire, exercise and master your self-confidence.


Self-confidence is not an inborn talent. Barrie Davenport, an inspirational book author, said that it could be learned and when you learn the ways, you have practiced it persistently. As you consciously and intentionally practice being self-confident, there will come a time when you will master this characteristic and confidence will just come out of you.

Another way that people keep themselves feeling unloved or inadequate is that they fail to remember evidence of them being worthwhile or successful people. — Leslie Becker-Phelps Ph.D.

Think: People will believe in me only if I believe in myself.


Below are five known ways on how to become self-confident. If you are willing to learn, then, don’t just read these tips. You have to breathe it in and let it envelop your system. In everything that you do, exercise confidence, and you have to start today. Remember, practice makes it perfect. Go and get your confidence on!

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Achieve Success By Setting Goals

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I heard from a hotel magnate a few years back that he would write “things to do” at night in a small notepad before he went to sleep and he would strive to complete everything in that list on the next day. He says that doing it that way contributed to his success as a person and as an entrepreneur. From then on, I would always try to remember jotting down things to do and finish them accordingly.


This is a perfect example of setting goals and accomplishing them. It may be simple and just day to day activities but it is a habit to do, a purpose in life and an important part of being human. For some, these goals are challenging to achieve and the road going there is not smooth, but that’s the essence of life. When you wake up in the morning, you know that you have meaning. You know that you have something to do that is interesting and engaging. Hitting short-term and long-term goals are a learning experience which can also make you a happy person.

To achieve success, talent and intelligence are both useful but not enough. — Aldo Civico Ph.D.

With that, how can a person effectively set up his goals?


Make a decision.


What do you want to do, have to do, or work on something? It can be big or small, and remember that no goal is immaterial or unimportant. As long as you’re excited and interested in doing something, you have to go for it. When making a decision on your goals, it has to be something that you’re passionate about. It’s not for the benefit of others only. The purpose of making a goal is for self-improvement. This must be your motivating factor.

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