The Definitive Guide To Spending Time Alone In New York City

You feel like everything in the Big Apple is so fast-paced. A single day at work and even while doing chores in your apartment seem to like to consume you forever. With these dragging environments, we feel like we want to find space to snatch a breath of fresh air. However, the sad part is you think that you can never find your utopia; but it exists! You will have to trust the guides that we have especially curated for you. In spite of the busy metro life where chasing solitude is almost impossible – we could always discover ways to find that New York therapy moment.

You may feel lonely while attending a crowded party. Yet you probably will not feel lonely when feeling connected to and understood by others who care about you. — Jeffrey Bernstein Ph.D.


Visit The Met’s Late Weekend Hours

Museums are one of the best places to waste your time, and I do mean it positively. These places are one of the safe havens if you want to get lost in the moment by glaring through the eternal as if time made it impossible to exist with masterpieces that have absorbed each of history’s periodical stamps. Weekends in the evening are the best schedules though if you want to realize such artistic caprices.

Eat A Solo Meal At The Bar

If you think that dining experience should be shared, well there are moments that you will only savor your favorite and comfort food when alone. You will avoid distractions and focus on what makes sense at the very instant; enjoying your meal, and that’s what we can genuinely call a feasting savoir-faire. There are a lot of bar-themed restaurants in the city that you can choose from such as Raoul’s and Kazunori to name but a few.

Get Lost In The Stacks At The Schwarzman Building

If you are a real bookworm, fantasizing about getting lost in a library maze has been one of your imaginings. You can wander through the towers of archived manuscripts, to fortifications of timeworn periodicals as if you were roaming the ancient ruins – old but gold, and a wide spread of reading materials covering a lot of academic meadows and fields of discipline. All these musings will usher you to the splendid Rose Main Reading Room of the Schwarzman Building. Be heedful though; even a whisper could burst a bubble.

Drink Coffee With Local Connoisseurs

We are now in the phase of aggrandizing those funky lazy bones with our quotidian dose of caffeine. Stopping at java houses could augment aromatic energy; it would let you take a sip into your conceived social isolation. No quite other room could tickle both of your taste buds and incense pleasure. Aside from that, you can also indulge in brewing sessions and even fetch a portion on your driveway home.

Play Chess In Washington Square Park

Sidetracking your mental energy on intellectually stimulating yet fun activities can be one of the best ways of busting away from the busy life. As escapist as it may seem, you are still on the verge of sharpening your mind that could benefit your job while getting away for a moment. It’s like going for a company team building only with unfamiliar faces.



Notwithstanding all of the psychologists fretting about loneliness, real people living their real lives often seem to crave time alone, then savor it when they get it. — Bella DePaulo Ph.D.

Bike Across One Of The City’s Bridges

Speaking of health, you can juggle both maintaining sound well-being and your quest for social toxicity free space. You should opt for exercises that would let you do it on your own. Biking could be one of the best options alongside running and brisk walks. If you are thinking about the best spots, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridge could offer you a congestion-free lane.

See A Movie At An “Alternative” Theater

You can always hit the uncrowded local cinemas if you want to. You can go for single-screens and indie movie theaters like IFC Center and Village East Cinema that also features art shows, new and revival films in a vintage vibe and artsy buildings. This is perfect if you are one of those unapologetically hippies that are true and dedicated in their love for quality arts.

Volunteer On An Urban Farm

For sure, there would only be a few people who are likely to be interested in putting their hands into the mud. This is one of the best activities that you can do in New York aside from enjoying an almost empty place such as building rooftops around Brooklyn Grange, as well as Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project and Red Hook Community Farm; you are also helping the city to at least have a portion of an in-house fresh air.

Thrift Shop In Williamsburg

Spending your day on frugal means can be exciting. You might discover cheap valuables which are worth your money and time. This is ideal if you are on a tight budget, but you want to lurk around and bring home some souvenirs. You can visit shops like Beacon’s Closet, Rough Trade, and Buffalo Exchange for easy reference of various finds.



Enter An Alternate Universe At Sleep No More

Theatrical enthusiasts will find this deconstructed interpretation of Macbeth showcased in Chelsea’s McKittrick Hotel beautiful and haunting at the same time. See for yourself and will find out why – winks.

Take An Avant-Garde Yoga Class

Maintaining good health can be fun too. You can enroll in various non-traditional meditation courses that use hip-hop music and the most avant-garde approach you can experience. Plus there are not a lot of people who are interested with alternative practices so rest assured that you won’t end up in a crowded session.

Escape The City At The Elizabeth Street Garden

Take time to reflect on yourself while immersing yourself with nature. The sight of trees and unpolluted air are the greatest stress relievers after all.

Stargaze At The Hayden Planetarium

It’s just like visiting a museum only to find extraterrestrial wonders and intergalactic spectacles. Now, this is what we call a space – no pun intended.

Scour The Shelves At An Indie Bookstore

Lastly, you were already at a thrift shop; why not add some affordable books in your cart right? We recommend you to stop at the massive collections of The Strand and marvel on smaller shops for random selections which might be exciting and a good read too.

Support is a huge facilitator of positive change. When we feel that others are behind us and that those relationships are safe, it is easier to find the courage to try something new. — Stephanie Featherston, M.Div, MS, EdS,LPC