Why Taking Initiative Is Ideal For Positive Mental Health

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Some people have been told that they need to blend in if they want to get by in life. “The ones who came before you already knew how to live in this moment. All you need to do is follow their lead. You will be better for it,” they said.

I used to be a part of the same herd that listened to those individuals. I never had to make difficult decisions from childhood because my parents always decided for me. I believed that doing everything they told me would never lead me astray.

However, I woke up one day and realized that I was living their dream, not mine. People lived through me in some ways that I never realized, and it happened because I allowed it.

This revelation would have consumed my mental health and left me stuck in my head forever, if not for the little voice that told me to start taking the initiative. After all, it could do the following:

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It Keeps Know-It-Alls From Running – And Ruining – Your Life

There are so many Mr. and Ms. Know-It-Alls in the world for starters, and they always prey on weak-minded individuals. They have made it their ultimate purpose to tell you everything you should do with your life. If you don’t, and your actions fail, it is easy for them to say, “I told you that my methods are better. You’re a fool for not heeding my advice.”

The reality is that being around such people can be genuinely smothering. They think they are more superior than you, and you may often need to walk on eggshells, even at your own place, to gain their approval.

In case you feel sick of following that routine, you must take the initiative to run your life by yourself. So what if you experience failures because of your decisions? Everybody makes mistakes – even know-it-alls. Not knowing what it feels like to fail may even be detrimental to your mental health.

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It Shows That You Know What You Want And How To Get It

There is a thin yet definite line that separates leaders from followers. When a follower wants something, they usually stick to the leader and ask for their guidance or help to achieve it. But when a leader wants something, they go straight for the goal without waiting for anyone to show them how it’s done. Thus, leaders tend to succeed faster than followers.

Is it possible for followers to become leaders someday, you may ask?

Well, of course! Most – if not all – leaders started by following someone more successful than them. They merely managed to level up when they found the courage to change their fate and create a path for themselves. If you can do that, your future will undoubtedly be sweet.

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It Feels Great To Know That You Have Accomplished Something On Your Own

I will always believe that “no man is an island.” We are nothing without our friends and family. In truth, even our foes help to shape our mindset and course of action. Despite that, it still feels incredible to know that you are capable of accomplishing whatever you put your mind into if no one else can help you.

For instance, my entire family had been saying that I ought to be a doctor because I was smart. I followed their advice for a while and got into med school, but then I realized that painting was my passion. Since my parents refused to help me unless I finished my degree – the one that no longer suited my dreams – I dropped out and moved out to start painting and looking for art galleries to curate my artworks. I suffered a lot from this decision financially, but if I didn’t take the initiative to realize my life goals, I would still be stuck in the med school.

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It Makes You Independent, And That’s Admirable

Independence is another sign that you have positive mental health. After all, if you always need someone to tell you what to do and how you must do it, it probably means that you have low self-confidence. You don’t feel smart or wise enough to try something and think that another person should run your life for you.

But try to become independent for once, and you’ll see that the world is not as scary as you have once thought. Say, if you want to shop for new clothes, do it without waiting for your mother or friend to tell you that it’s okay. In case there is a vacancy for a higher position at work, apply for the job without needing to ask your colleagues for advice.

If you fail, that’s okay. Not taking the initiative is more awful than that.

Final Thoughts

Considering you have never taken the reins of your own life, suck up and do it now. You cannot depend on others to do it for you forever. That’s unhealthy, and perhaps even you know it.


The Perks Of Having Positive Mindset Amidst The Pandemic

Each of us must take a proactive stance against the COVID-19 pandemic. At this moment, we are prone to all sorts of mental and emotional struggles. There is anxiety, stress, sadness, depression, and isolation that are involved in the battle. In some unfortunate instances, some of us are not strong enough to face the challenges right now. With that, a positive mindset becomes essential, especially during this uncertain time.

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Looking At Things In A Different View

In line with the issue of Coronavirus, a lot of countries already took the necessary precautions. One of them is the suspension of classes and work. The mandate is issued to keep everyone safe and control the spread of the virus. However, due to the heightened limit of social connection, some individuals develop a sense of isolation. Thus, it becomes hard for others to adjust to the situation. But instead of always thinking that we are stuck at home with nothing to do, shifting our mindset into a positive one can make a difference.

Being locked down in our homes is stressful than we can imagine. But when we positively think about the advantage of home quarantine during this time, we can agree that staying at home can keep us from getting infected. Aside from that, we can focus on spending time with our family, which is a good thing. And for instance, that we are alone, a positive mindset can allow us to view the situation as a window for the opportunity to hone our crafts and develop new skills.

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Overthinking About Contamination

The Coronavirus is pretty much contagious. However, worrying too much about that will only make us feel hopeless and unmotivated. When we often tell ourselves that there are too many dangers out there and that we will get sick, the possibility of that happening becomes high. Instead of continually gushing over our fear and anxiety, we can shift our mindset into thinking that there are far better things that we can do to avoid getting an infection.

Shifting our mindset into focusing on the preventive things we can do can allow us to stay cautious but emotionally and mentally balanced. Our self-confidence can soar high when we start believing that we are capable of lowering our chances of getting infected. From that perspective, we can value the weight of social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, drinking plenty of water, exercising, and so on.

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The Worry Of Having Limited Access

Many businesses are encouraged to close as people get advised to stay indoors because of the sudden spread of the virus. Thus, our access to restaurants, bars, stores, hotels, parks, and others sent a message that convenience is no longer available. That even transportations no longer serve its purpose because of travel restrictions. It somehow makes us feel uncomfortable, and that is why complaints most of the time. We believe we are experiencing the worst nightmare that this lockdown has made.

But shifting that negative outlook to a better one, we can see that most of the important establishments are there to operate and sustain our needs. There are supermarkets, hospitals, and pharmacies. These establishments continue to operate to help us during a difficult time. There are even schools and hotels that offer a safe place for those people who need shelter. So despite our ideology that this lockdown is making things hard for us, having a positive mindset allows us to appreciate other important establishments that never fail to assist and provide our necessary needs.

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Having a positive mindset cannot instantly change our situation. However, by doing so, it can allow us to get through life. Learn more about positivity through BetterHelp.com. View some encouraging posts from their Facebook and Instagram profiles.



Why It’s Not Advisable To Get Too Much Confident During This Pandemic Time

Being stuck in a situation that we can’t control can make us mentally and emotionally stable or weak. It all depends on how one of us handles the life crisis caused by this Coronavirus infection. As for some individuals, they live in fear of this pandemic’s uncertainties. There is too much struggle that makes them want to quit already and accept whatever unfortunate thing that could happen to them. However, there are also those people who never seem to care about the worst. These individuals think that this pandemic is a joke and that no single care should be given. But let me tell you some of the reasons why it is not advisable to get too cocky during this time of a global crisis.

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If You Get Infected, You die Alone – Many people assume that one of the worst things that can happen to an individual during this whole Coronavirus situation is getting infected. Yes, it can add to the situational problem one needs to deal with, but it’s not its entirety. If you get infected with the virus and unfortunately won’t be able to make it, you can expect to suffer and die alone. No friends or family will be there with you because they might catch the infection. You see, even if you want people to spend time with you during the most challenging days of your lives, they can’t be there. Of course, not unless you also wish your loved ones to experience the physical, emotional, and mental pain you have, then go ahead. Thus, before you disregard following the safety measures, understand that you do not know whether you will get the virus. But one thing is sure; it doesn’t skip infecting an individual.

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You May Not Suffer From The Virus, But Others Will – The unfortunate realization about this whole situation is the thought of how selfish people can become. Some individuals don’t care enough to stay away from others, even though they know they are infected. The worst part, they have this mentality that the suffering they have should not have to be their struggle alone. That is why a lot of them desire to infect others with the virus intentionally. There are also those people who do not believe in health danger, not unless they find themselves lying in the hospital bed with ventilators attached to their faces. These are individuals who are too confident about their physical strength despite getting a positive test result. So when they infect the weaker ones, it becomes not their problem anymore.

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You Never Know When It Will Hit You – The problem with too much confidence is that you become unaware of the reality around you. It makes you think that what you experience depends only on what you want to believe. But sad to say, the outbreak is real, and there are limited things you can do. Despite your so-called positive attitude, there is no way you can conclude early when this virus will not affect you in any way. With that, you need to see things the way they are, so can you can take necessary actions. If you continue to believe that there is nothing wrong with this situation right now, you might end up losing everything.

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This whole pandemic situation is challenging. As much as you want to stay positive all the time, it would be best if you think and respond to situations logically. It is not wrong to keep a positive perspective. However, never underestimate this global health crisis because you never calculate its damage.

Let Go Of The Past, Life Is Too Good

Holding on to the past obstructs you of your ability to self-improvement.  Not being able to forgive the pain of past relationship will hinder you from moving forward and finding love.  Holding a grudge against your boss or a workmate is an obstacle to opening doors for new opportunities.

…Happiness is a choice, an ongoing practice, a part of the Journey, not the destination. — Emma K. Viglucci LMFT

Holding on to the past is just natural for being human but staying there will do you no good for it is not healthy.


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A New Beginning:  Life After Divorce 


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A home is only “broken” when healthy family interactions break down: when people stop communicating adequately, behave un-lovingly, or conduct conflict destructively, for example. — Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D.

I used to be a stay-at-home mother of two and a devoted wife.  The first five years of our marriage were the best, but it slowly had gone sour when my husband got his promotion and assigned to visit their offices out of state.   

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