How To Achieve Better Self-Confidence (Online Therapy Discussion)


In most circumstances, we often find ourselves in a state where we don’t feel better about our overall aspects. There’s always a question of being good enough in physical, psychological, and emotional states. Generally, I bet some of us already tried boosting self-confidence in tons of ways. We talk to ourselves, do things differently, build a positive environment, try online therapy, seek professional help, etc. With all the bombarded information, we often get stuck on figuring what exactly are the ones that potentially make a huge impact. Perhaps these simple tips below can give you a head start.

In less metaphysical terms, by focusing your thoughts on positive feelings and outcomes, you’re more likely to move into action to take the steps necessary to getting what you want. — Allison Abrams, LCSW

Personal Grooming

Grooming yourself implies that you need to take care of yourself. You can shower every day, dress nicely, put perfumes, try a couple of makeup (for women), shave your beard (for men), keep your nails clean, do your hair, and more. There’s a great chance the particular habit of maintaining good hygiene will surprise you with a positive outcome. It’ll make you feel better about yourself. Besides, those things are pretty easy to do. It won’t pressure you to take care of your grooming. Because when you look good outside, people will start to notice it. They’ll appreciate all the considerable sides of your effort in taking care of yourself regardless of what preference you have.


Readiness is as equivalent to success. Nobody will try things not unless they are confidently prepared. But this could be anything though. It can be taking an exam, meeting new people, doing things you don’t usually do, etc. Don’t always depend on luck because it will never create specific results. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself for the good and bad things. Yes, that’s both because you never hold the certainty of everything. However, your readiness will allow and enhance your chances of achieving your goal. It will not only make you appreciate your capabilities but will also help you understand your needs for mental and emotional development. So whatever it is that you are going to do, always consider preparing yourself through it.

If you haven’t enough time to do everything you want, choose to spend your time in ways that are meaningful for you. At the very least, focusing on nothing but the present moment can make the time you do have seem to expand. —  Lindsey Antin, MA, MFT


Think Positively

Perhaps you already know the significant impact of thinking positively. It gathers an aura where it puts you in a state of overall calmness. The effort of killing negative thoughts and not allowing it to live in your life is a way of gaining impactful self-worth. You should take notice that every time you put in mind that “you can do this,” there’s a more extended chance that you will feel good about yourself. That whatever it is that makes you doubt yourself, it will turn into something that boosts excitement. With that kind of mentality, it will not only air a lot of self-confidence but will also provide you with so many accomplishments along the way.

The moment we achieve one thing, the race for the next thing starts. Rarely do many individuals spare a minute to just sit back, relax, and be grateful for all they have achieved. — Jacqueline Pearce, MSEd, LMHC

Act Positive

There’s a thin line between thinking positively and acting on it. It is essential to understand that positive thinking without action is meaningless. Therefore, there is a need for a visible practice of positivity. It can be anything that helps create a productive day. You can wake up early, work on your task ahead of time, organize your things, show kindness to people around you, make clear appointments, and so on. There are tons of things you can do to act positively. Not only it does keep your day right, but it also allows you to turn around complicated events.


Set Small Goals

One way to achieve things is by arranging them. However, some goals will take more time, effort, and energy. Therefore, you need to set them in small quantities. Learn to work on them detail by detail. You can start by changing a bad habit into a good one. Because when you get the chance of accomplishing even a small task, it boosts your confidence. With that, you will become more eager to do more and achieve more. Setting small goals changes the way you encourage and motivate yourself. So before you start doing something in a day, list down the ones you will genuinely focus on obtaining so you can undoubtedly achieve it.

Improving your self-confidence is not a hard task. But you have to mindful that your ways of thinking and actions are the ones who truly matter in achieving it.